Self-catering Bath

Summer, what summer?

There can be no doubt about it 2012 has to be the worst year for weather on record. We have been flooded every month, only slightly but enough to shut down the boat hire. I think everybody in the country is feeling the blues after having no sun!

On the plus side Toad Hall & the Garden Room are open all year round so you can still come to the Boating Station & enjoy the peace & tranquility in the winter. Both buildings are well heated so you will be nice & cosy!The river is very beautiful in the autumn, most mornings there is a mist on the water & the swans seem to consider the Boating Station their winter home.

One very cold spell we ended up with a young swan on our balcony for two weeks. He was found wandering Forester Road in a bad state, but after being well fed & sleeping on cardboard he recovered enough to set off up the river again.

The restaurant is also open all year, (apart from 2 weeks in January). The Christmas market in Bath is something to look forward to open 22nd November to 9th December   well worth a visit & we still have some nights available.

The big refit now begins to get the boats ready for next year. Lots of sanding & varnishing, I might even get round to building another rowing punt.

The Mary, named after my mother, was launched earlier this year.  A beautiful double rowing punt built from Iroko with an aluminium bottom which is maintenance free. Built by my father Terry aged 80 (I might let him retire one day). We had a launching party in the restaurant, Ben & Rosie did a fantastic spread of food & it was a great day.

Weather permitting the motor boats will be running until December, this is possible thanks to the downstairs heated cabin, great for the passengers, not so good for the driver on the top deck in the cold. I say its character building, the drivers disagree.

So a long winter ahead! By the time I’ve varnished over 100 oars, paddles & punt poles I will be going slightly mad & will be fed up with my one sided conversations with Bob the swan.

So roll on spring when I can open again!