A fantastic summer for boating!

What a wonderful year so far! We have been incredibly busy & after the dismal summer last year I have thoroughly enjoyed it. 99.9% of our customers have been lovely & appreciated the age & craftsmanship of our boats, there are always one or two who would prefer something fibreglass & cheap.

I saw the otter this summer playing round the old motor boat, I think he was fishing & kept jumping out of the river, it was amazing & we all stood in stunned silence not daring to move in case we frightened him away. There are lots of Kingfishers on the river this summer & most boaters had the joy of seeing them on the river, a few lucky ones seeing a fish caught.

We seem to have several people swimming up the river in the evenings this year. That’s something I haven’t seen for a long time, shows how good the weather was! The water levels at Bathampton were very low at one point, we thought we might have to start the motor boats turning before the weir pool but a bit of rain averted that problem.

I had a lovely introduction to Trip advisor & would like to thank some of the people for the nice things they said & others for pointing out that I charge per person, it’s quite expensive for some, & it’s a shame they couldn’t read the prices properly before they went. Also pointed out was, if you are late back I will charge you an extra hour, yes, don’t come back late, simple. I never realised how one sided some comments on Trip advisor could be (nasty commentator failed to mention I had to call the police because of his behaviour).  Never mind, there are some customers I prefer not to have.

All the buildings look lovely after repairs & painting by Emery Bros. Lovely job!

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Jake, who worrked for the summer on the boat hire has been varnishing the Canadian Canoe Jo Stickland.

He has made a lovely job of it & after a winter of hardening up will be ready for hire next summer.

The Jo is named after a school friend of mine who is sadly no longer here. Whenever I do  any work on the Canoe I remember the things we got up to at Hayesfield School & it makes  me smile.

The Canoe is 16 years old now but still varnishes up good as new, well done Jake!


So now I have a long winter of maintenance, lots of sanding & varnishing. I’m actually looking forward to it at the moment but by Easter I will climbing the walls & getting the urge to burn anything wooden & boat shaped. Thank goodness for the seasons!